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Terms of service (Updated 04/10/11)

~ We will happily reply any question about our works or services! just e-mail us.

{Customer must have responsibility of read and agree with this terms before ordering anything to us}

...And just in case:

About our preorders:

~ It is the best way to have a custom dress of the perfect size for your doll, your choice on fabrics and other details and accessories.

~ Because dresses are made to order by just one person, finishing times may vary due to health or other personal reasons, we ask patience and understanding for this. Only in case the commission can not be finished in the agreed time with customer (usually about two month for preorder, 5 or more month for full custom intrincate orders), payments made will be refunded.
Otherwise they will be not refunded.

~ Once delivered, shipping time and correct delivery don't depend on us and we won't take responsibility of delay or loss. Although, we will do our best to ask responsibility of it to the shipping companies making the possible reclamations.

About our works:

~ All clothes are carefully hand&machine sewn, looking for nice and durable results.

~ All patterns are original, made by our tailor.

~ Items are described our best to show properly every work. Please have in mind since they are handmade in small quantities and due to every computer screen they could look just slightly different from photographs.

~ Fabrics are washed usually before and after sewing, but we recommend to hand-wash cold (or little warm) doll outfits only if necessary. If you are not sure about how to deal with specific outfit feel free to ask and we'll try to help.

~ Outfits may fit different or unproperly on other brands dolls; We try to write the 'best fit for' with every outfit. Please search information about diferent brand measures before purchase if you are not sure the outfit will fit your doll.

About payment & adresses:

~ Payment
has to be made within the following 5 working days after order is confirmed by us.

~ Payment for international customers is made via paypal, we won't charge any fee.

~ Shipping costs are actual costs plus packaging.

~ We only use your adress to send the items to you. We don't share your personal information with anyone nor use for any other purpose.

~ We can't accept refunds or returns; Thank you for your understanding.

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