viernes, febrero 25, 2011

Daily Photo ~ A green juban

jueves, febrero 24, 2011

Daily Photo ~ Inside Out

miércoles, febrero 23, 2011

Daily Photo ~ Kimono coordinate

martes, febrero 22, 2011

Daily Photo ~ Left window view

lunes, febrero 21, 2011

Daily Photo

Night shot of one of the shelves, doll boxes, Elfdoll pigs and Rozen Maiden figures :)

domingo, febrero 20, 2011

Daily Photo

Patterning a natural style blouse for Obitsu L size breasts body

Daily Photograph Project

To keep blog more updated, I though it would be a good idea to update (almost) daily with a photograph taken during the working time on the atelier :)

Hope you will find it interesting!

If you want to see all updates in future, just look at the tag "DPP"

sábado, febrero 05, 2011

Outlet Week at Etsy!

What is Outlet?

Outlet are some clothes which because of small imperfections never were put on sale, this is a special oportunity to purchase very cheap clothes which are overall well sewn but not perfect! Each piece is described as is, please have it in mind and ask any questions you may have prior to purchasing :)

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