domingo, abril 10, 2011

{Tea Time: Vintage Alice}

Preorder until April 26th 2011

Volks SD/SD13 Girl and similar doll sizes (ask for others)
Each piece can be order separately

For any inquiry or to order:
oclockworks (at) gmail (dot) com

~Vintage Alice, one-piece 42€~
Classic Lolita style dress, with an elegant touch. Lace is handsewn. A-line style skirt that can be full round with underskirt and petticoat. Closes at the back with invisible zipper and adjusted to waist with ribbons like antique child dresses.

It includes a matching ribbon brooch that can be put on waist (look at photos)

It can be ordered in this fabrics:
Pinks / Blue and Greens / Beige and Reds
(If you would like other, please ask :) )

And you can combine collar and lace colors in:
White or Cream

~Vintage Alice, apron 16€~
It can be ordered in white or cream, or a combination of both.
(soon photos of the apron)
~Vintage Alice, Headband 8€~
Handmade headband, pvc based, covered with matching fabric and big ribbon, which can be slided to the middle of the sides, at choice :).
It can be chosen in the same color combinations as dress, or others.

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