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{After Eight ~ Preorder information}

After Eight ~ From 6 to 20 of November
Look at our Flickr Gallery for all the photographs!

{Preorder Information}

~ Outfit for 60cm Ball Jointed Dolls Girls~
(fits best: Super Dollfie, Super Dollfie 13, Delf, and similar bodies)

~ After Eight ~
{Headdress, lace gloves, dress, blouse and petticoat}
Full set while preorder has 12% of discount in price!
Price of full set: €74 - $110

Order & Payment period: From 4 to 20 of November 2009
20-30 working days to arrive since payment is made in full.
If too many orders are placed, preorder could be closed before.

You can order full set, or any of the items below separately:

After Eight ~ 5 piece outfit, November special

~ Lady Autumn Headdress ~
Price: €10 - $15
Fabrics: same as dress fabrics

~ Empire Waist Baby Doll Dress ~
Price: €33 - $48
Fabrics you can order this dress:
Beautiful fabrics

~ Victorian Lady Pin Blouse ~
Price: €28 - $41
plain vanilla, plain white.
Optional embroidery lace: cream w/brown accents,
white w/p.blue accents, white w/p.pink accents,
plain cream, plain white.

After Eight ~ From 6 to 20 of November

~ Fingerless Lace Gloves ~
(this product is available always)
Price: €2 - $3
Lace color: brown, cream, red, pale blue, black, mint green... (ask for other colors)

~ Round Tulle Petticoat ~
(this product is available always)
Price: €12 - $17
Tulle & waist color: brown, cream, white, pink w/.dots, sky blue w/. dots, red, black...

Important notice: these items are limited in time periods and fabrics,
same designs or similar ones could be available within more time after preorder, although probably will not.

*Shipping costs are not included in items price, they depend on your location.

{How to order} / {Terms of Service}

Thank you!
Té Rojo & Bjony

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