jueves, noviembre 26, 2009

Sewing Talk: Our models (part I)

Inauguration of a new blog section, 'Sewing talk' hope you like it : )

Click at photograph to view full size

These are our biggest dolls here, at the moment all girls, they work as part-time models at our Atelier : )
They are Asian Ball Jointed dolls as many of you already know, I though it would be a good idea to introduce them since we are doll lovers and collectos too, not just seamstress.

From left to right of photograph:
Yoko ~ Owned by Bjony since 2004 ~
Volks Super Dollfie "FCS" F01 with a mix between SD10 and SD13 bodies. Normal pure-skin tone.

Circe ~ Owned by Sachu since 2009 ~
Elfdoll Rainy Soah. Second type girl body. Normal skin tone.

Rea ~ Owned by Te Rojo since 2005 ~
Luts/Cerberus Project Dark elf soo vampire. First type girl body. White skin tone.

Pârvati ~ Owned by Te Rojo since 2005 ~
Volks Super Dollfie "FCS" Old F12 with Old SD13 S bust girl body. Normal skin tone.

I wonder if you would like to know more about them : ) Someday we will introduce ourselves too!

by Té Rojo

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