viernes, mayo 27, 2011

Daily Photo ~ Patterning

From SD13 girl to SD10/Swarrico girl body patterns :)

viernes, mayo 20, 2011

Daily Photo ~ Spools of Ribbon

In my city, is very difficult to find ribbons of 3mm wide, so I purchased some spools on etsy :)

jueves, mayo 19, 2011

Daily Photo ~ Tea Time for 1/6 dolls

sábado, abril 16, 2011

Tea Time ~ Bow Tights

♠ ¡Limited Edition! ♠ 6.60€

♠ How are made?
This tights are made from real children new/unused tights; they are cut from our pattern, and carefully machine sewn and overlocked.

♠ They could have runs?
Of course because it is tight fabric, but they shouldn't have if are treated carefully. Just in case they had because accident, the run can be stopped by a little drop of transparent nail paint : )

♠ Could be ordered in other sizes and colors?
They can be ordered in almost every Ball Jointed Doll size. However, colors and patterns depend on our stock, please ask : )

miércoles, abril 13, 2011

Daily Photo ~ Hairdressing session II

domingo, abril 10, 2011

{Tea Time: Vintage Alice}

Preorder until April 26th 2011

Volks SD/SD13 Girl and similar doll sizes (ask for others)
Each piece can be order separately

For any inquiry or to order:
oclockworks (at) gmail (dot) com

~Vintage Alice, one-piece 42€~
Classic Lolita style dress, with an elegant touch. Lace is handsewn. A-line style skirt that can be full round with underskirt and petticoat. Closes at the back with invisible zipper and adjusted to waist with ribbons like antique child dresses.

It includes a matching ribbon brooch that can be put on waist (look at photos)

It can be ordered in this fabrics:
Pinks / Blue and Greens / Beige and Reds
(If you would like other, please ask :) )

And you can combine collar and lace colors in:
White or Cream

~Vintage Alice, apron 16€~
It can be ordered in white or cream, or a combination of both.
(soon photos of the apron)
~Vintage Alice, Headband 8€~
Handmade headband, pvc based, covered with matching fabric and big ribbon, which can be slided to the middle of the sides, at choice :).
It can be chosen in the same color combinations as dress, or others.

miércoles, abril 06, 2011

Daily Photo ~ Hairdressing session

Due to some circumstances, April preorder anounced for 4th, will start on 7th, please look foward this blog for more information, thank you :)

miércoles, marzo 30, 2011

Tea Time April Preorder 2011

{Preorder from April 4 to April 18, 2011}
Please see Q&A of Preorder items, time, layaway...*now preparing*

Items that will be available to order:

~ Vintage Alice ~
Vintage Alice One-piece 44€ ($62)
Please choose fabrics available + collar/lace color (cream or white)

Vintage Alice Apron 16€ ($22.60)
Currently pure white or pure cream only

Vintage Alice Ribbon headdress 4€ ($5.60)
Same as dress combinations or other

~ Antique Doll ~
Antique Doll One-piece 36€ ($51.60)
Please choose floral fabrics available + collar/lace color (cream or white)

Antique Doll Bonnet 16€ ($22.60)
Same as dress combinations or other + color of rose (extra rose+2€)

~ L'Étoile ~
L'Étoile One-piece 35€ ($49)
Black/White, White/Black, All White, All Black + buttons color

L'Étoile Headdress 8€ ($11.30)
Same as dress combinations or other

~ Pâquerette ~
Pâquerette One-piece 35€ ($49)
Please choose fabrics available + collar/lace color (cream or white) +ribbon color

Pâquerette Beret 6€ ($8.40)
Same as dress combinations or other

~ Other Accessories ~
Wrist lace cuffs 4€/pair ($5.60)
You can choose lace color (white/cream) and ribbon color

Socks lace cuffs 4€/pair ($5.60)
You can choose lace color (white/cream) and ribbon color

Basic Petticoat underskirt 14€ ($19)
-You can ask just to add extra lace every One-piece bottom, it looks like if it was a petticoat under-
-Please tell me your dress lenght for custom orders-

Basic bridal tulle 2 layers pannier 12€ ($17)
- you can ask extra layers to add more volume to the dress +2€/layer -
Colors available now: white, cream

Not Available this preorder, but in future for Tea Time:

Blouses (rose bud, elegant, classic, frilled)
Lace corset-camisoles
Detachable sleeves (rose bud, elegant, classic, frilled)
Half-Apron w/ heart-shaped pockets
...And more dresses/headdresses

Daily Photo ~ Classic Lolita dress, almost finished!

martes, marzo 29, 2011

Commission: Kimono Furisode, Red Coordinate

This was a commisioned work last autumn, customer send all the fabrics needed, and more as a gift :)
Dark red and purple furisode kimono (20% machine-sewn+ 80%hand-sewn)
Pink chirimen furisode juban (50% machine-sewn 50% hand-sewn)
Silk dark-red long fukuro obi
Silk obiage in silver-red shibori pattern
Chirimen brigh tred obijime
Our special "kitsuke set" (collar stiffener, obi stiffener, obi-makura and fabric cords)

lunes, marzo 28, 2011

Daily Photo ~ In spring can be still cold

Clover new pullover for mini size :)

domingo, marzo 27, 2011

Daily Photo ~ Making off, a classic lolita dress II

sábado, marzo 26, 2011

Daily Photo ~ Making off, a classic lolita dress

viernes, marzo 25, 2011

Daily Photo ~ Here comes the spring :)

martes, marzo 22, 2011

Daily Photo ~ Newsboy cap and making a pullover

domingo, marzo 20, 2011




jueves, marzo 17, 2011

Daily Photo ~ Apron and new purchases

lunes, marzo 14, 2011

My concerns are all with Japan

Japan is my main source of inspiration, not only their arts, but also their culture. They are so different culture and far, but I felt like this just happened very near here. Shall we learn good things of each other.

My best wishes are all with you.

domingo, marzo 06, 2011

Daily Photo ~ Color palette

sábado, marzo 05, 2011

Daily Photo ~ Making an organic cotton blouse

martes, marzo 01, 2011

Daily Photo ~ Mori girl beret making off

viernes, febrero 25, 2011

Daily Photo ~ A green juban

jueves, febrero 24, 2011

Daily Photo ~ Inside Out

miércoles, febrero 23, 2011

Daily Photo ~ Kimono coordinate

martes, febrero 22, 2011

Daily Photo ~ Left window view

lunes, febrero 21, 2011

Daily Photo

Night shot of one of the shelves, doll boxes, Elfdoll pigs and Rozen Maiden figures :)

domingo, febrero 20, 2011

Daily Photo

Patterning a natural style blouse for Obitsu L size breasts body

Daily Photograph Project

To keep blog more updated, I though it would be a good idea to update (almost) daily with a photograph taken during the working time on the atelier :)

Hope you will find it interesting!

If you want to see all updates in future, just look at the tag "DPP"

sábado, febrero 05, 2011

Outlet Week at Etsy!

What is Outlet?

Outlet are some clothes which because of small imperfections never were put on sale, this is a special oportunity to purchase very cheap clothes which are overall well sewn but not perfect! Each piece is described as is, please have it in mind and ask any questions you may have prior to purchasing :)

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