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Sewing Talk: Our models (part I)

Inauguration of a new blog section, 'Sewing talk' hope you like it : )

Click at photograph to view full size

These are our biggest dolls here, at the moment all girls, they work as part-time models at our Atelier : )
They are Asian Ball Jointed dolls as many of you already know, I though it would be a good idea to introduce them since we are doll lovers and collectos too, not just seamstress.

From left to right of photograph:
Yoko ~ Owned by Bjony since 2004 ~
Volks Super Dollfie "FCS" F01 with a mix between SD10 and SD13 bodies. Normal pure-skin tone.

Circe ~ Owned by Sachu since 2009 ~
Elfdoll Rainy Soah. Second type girl body. Normal skin tone.

Rea ~ Owned by Te Rojo since 2005 ~
Luts/Cerberus Project Dark elf soo vampire. First type girl body. White skin tone.

Pârvati ~ Owned by Te Rojo since 2005 ~
Volks Super Dollfie "FCS" Old F12 with Old SD13 S bust girl body. Normal skin tone.

I wonder if you would like to know more about them : ) Someday we will introduce ourselves too!

by Té Rojo

lunes, noviembre 23, 2009

Crescent Moon Jersey ~ Unisex ~ Long & Short ver.

{Crescent Moon Jersey}

11 O'clock ~ Autumn/Winter

11 O'clock ~ Autumn/Winter11 O'clock ~ Autumn/Winter

Short version:

Crescent Moon Jersey ~ short ver.

Price: €18 - $27
Short version Price: €16 - $24
Shipping costs not included

'A piece made to look comfortable and warm'
Jersey of knit-stretch fabric with super soft feeling velvet-like. Blind zipper at the back, and hidden seams.

Stock limited to fabric availability, you can choose between these:

Dust Gray or Dark coffee brown
(Dust pink & Dark Grapes SOLD OUT)

Knit jersey fabrics

Order and delivery time: 5-10 working days

{How to order} / {Terms of Service}

Thank you!
Té Rojo & Bjony

sábado, noviembre 21, 2009

11 O'clock ~ Mouton

One off a kind outfit on ETSY


sábado, noviembre 07, 2009

{11 O'clock, New collection}

We start a new category in our shop sections "11 O'clock" is our casual, everyday wear.

Check it at the Right section of the blog : )

miércoles, noviembre 04, 2009

{After Eight ~ Preorder information}

After Eight ~ From 6 to 20 of November
Look at our Flickr Gallery for all the photographs!

{Preorder Information}

~ Outfit for 60cm Ball Jointed Dolls Girls~
(fits best: Super Dollfie, Super Dollfie 13, Delf, and similar bodies)

~ After Eight ~
{Headdress, lace gloves, dress, blouse and petticoat}
Full set while preorder has 12% of discount in price!
Price of full set: €74 - $110

Order & Payment period: From 4 to 20 of November 2009
20-30 working days to arrive since payment is made in full.
If too many orders are placed, preorder could be closed before.

You can order full set, or any of the items below separately:

After Eight ~ 5 piece outfit, November special

~ Lady Autumn Headdress ~
Price: €10 - $15
Fabrics: same as dress fabrics

~ Empire Waist Baby Doll Dress ~
Price: €33 - $48
Fabrics you can order this dress:
Beautiful fabrics

~ Victorian Lady Pin Blouse ~
Price: €28 - $41
plain vanilla, plain white.
Optional embroidery lace: cream w/brown accents,
white w/p.blue accents, white w/p.pink accents,
plain cream, plain white.

After Eight ~ From 6 to 20 of November

~ Fingerless Lace Gloves ~
(this product is available always)
Price: €2 - $3
Lace color: brown, cream, red, pale blue, black, mint green... (ask for other colors)

~ Round Tulle Petticoat ~
(this product is available always)
Price: €12 - $17
Tulle & waist color: brown, cream, white, pink w/.dots, sky blue w/. dots, red, black...

Important notice: these items are limited in time periods and fabrics,
same designs or similar ones could be available within more time after preorder, although probably will not.

*Shipping costs are not included in items price, they depend on your location.

{How to order} / {Terms of Service}

Thank you!
Té Rojo & Bjony

martes, junio 16, 2009

How to place an order

~ How to place an order ~

Send us an e-mail to oclockworks(a)gmail(dot)com with the following information:

· Your name and adress
(to know shipping costs and send you the parcel)
· Items you want to order
(write the item code, and other details about it like fabric choose)
· Any questions you may have about our service or works

We should reply with your order# and payment details within 24h.
If you don't receive a reply please write us again!

The average waiting time for shipping will be specified on each item details, depending of availability:
by preorder (20~30 days), by order (10~15 days) or in stock (5~7 days)

Thank you very much!

viernes, junio 12, 2009

Etsy Shop Opening!



Check our Etsy shop for in stock items : )
they will be shipped in only 5-7 days since payment received!

Wild Strawberries Yukata Wild Strawberries Yukata

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